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Transposition of the 2014 European Directives on public procurement by Spain


  • Jaime Pintos Santiago –  [email protected]
    Lawyer and expert consultant in public procurement. Doctor of Law. Civil servant on leave of absence. Member of the Editorial Board and the Scientific Committee of different scientific publications. Author, director and coordinator of different monographs dedicated to public procurement law. Author of dozens of publications between collaborations in books and articles of legal journals and editorial impact, both in Spain and other countries. His doctoral thesis was selected in 2016 for publication by the INAP. Speaker in the Congress of Deputies after the approval of the Public Sector Contracts Act of 2017, he has participated as a member of the Scientific Committee, the Program Committee or the Organizing Committee in different national and international Congresses. Lecturer and guest speaker at national and international events, inside and outside Spain and regular collaborator of the main Schools of Public Administration and Business Schools


The major changes introduced by the new Spanish Law 9/2017 transposing the EU Directives of 2014 to the Spanish legal framework are discussed in this paper as well as major challenges due to their new law. Special attention is given to the adoption of mandatory e-procurement, including e-tendering, to all public contracts.


Law 9/2017 on Contracts of the Spanish Public Sector; general provisions; public administration contracts; mandatory electronic tender.


Santiago, J. P. (2018). Transposition of the 2014 European Directives on public procurement by Spain, European Journal of Public Procurement Markets, 1(3), 24-32.