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The Art and the Science in Winning Public-Sector e-Procurement Contracts particularly by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises [SMEs]


  • Keith White-Hunt – [email protected]
    DSc in Economics; MSc in Industrial Technology & Management; MA in International Relations; and BA Hons in Economics, from top-ranked universities in the UK and EU. He is also a Graduate of both Stanford University’s postgraduate program in Advanced Management and Cornell University’s postgraduate program in Accounting and Finance, in the USA. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He has around 100 publications converging around the theme of Strategic, Change & Crises Management whether driven by technology; environmental; regulatory; QA; domestic or international market competition; or political and security factors. He has held senior management positions in academia, business and government and sat on the Boards of multiple companies, been an advisor to numerous international government bodies, NGOs and universities and held numerous Visiting Professorships in the UK & EU, USA, Asia-Pacific and Arab Gulf Region. He has 40 years of experience in ICT, including COO of an international telecommunications company.
  • Philip Norman – [email protected]
    Graduate in Business Studies from Leeds Beckett University. He is a seasoned Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply [CIPS] qualified public procurement professional and a Member of the international body, The Association of Record for Bid, Proposal, Business Development, Capture and Graphics Professionals [APMP]. His key expertise lies in how public-sector organizations source and purchase goods and services and how they evaluate contracts, particularly and increasingly via e-procurement platforms. He is currently the CEO of a highly successful UK-based professional bid consultancy services company. Previous experience includes: ICT Services & Software Portfolio Manager (corporate services & e-commerce), The Scottish Government; Commodity Manager (National Procurement), NHS Scotland; Sales Representative, SSS Healthcare; and Purchasing Manager, BUPA Hospitals. He has 20 years of extensive expertise in public procurement
  • Charlotte Norman – [email protected]
    Graduate in Graphic & Digital Design from Telford College, Edinburgh; holds a BA Hons in Modern European Languages from the University of Sheffield; MSc in Creative Advertising from Edinburgh Napier University; and has studied languages at the University of Valencia in Spain and the University of Bayreuth in Germany. She is also a linguist with fluency in German, Spanish, French and conversational Polish. She is currently an experienced Graphic Designer with a highly successful UK-based professional bid-consultancy services company and has extensive expertise in Marketing & Advertising and Copywriting. She has been involved in European funded projects and has a good understanding of the workings of large modern universities and other public bodies and their interaction with suppliers totaling 20 years of experience in public-sector procurement and more recently in e-procurement


This paper considers public-sector purchasing in the EU and particularly the UK and how SMEs have benefited and can further do so, from the opportunities presented by e-procurement by addressing its perceived barriers through integrating via this on-line platform, traditional sales and, marketing skills & experience, together with project management expertise, to successfully bid for contracts. A glossary of terms; and checklist & discussion of ‘dos and don’ts’, for SMEs seeking to successfully engage with e-procurement public markets are presented, based on the analysis of numerous case studies.


Bid; bid-consultant; bid-writer; bid scoring/contract assessment; contracts; Contracts Finder; EC; e-procurement; EU; good practices; government; ICT; NHS Supply Chain; on-line branding; portals; project management; public-sector procurement; sales & marketing; SMEs; TED; tender; UK



White-Hunt, K., Norman, P. & Norman, C. (2018). The Art and the Science in Winning Public-Sector e-Procurement Contracts particularly by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises [SMEs], European Journal of Public Procurement Markets, 1(9), 83-91.