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Sustainability public procurement using new procedures of the 2014 Directives


  • François Lichère – [email protected]
    François is a Professor of public law at the University of Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and a public procurement expert. After obtaining a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Montpellier and a diploma from Aix-en-Provence’s Institute of Political Studies, he obtained a master’s degree in public law in 1993 and a PhD at the University of Montpellier in 1998. He was appointed public law lecturer in 1999 and public law professor in 2000. He currently teaches public contracts law, economy and public law and administrative law at Bachelor and Master levels in Lyon. He has published numerous books and articles, in French and in English, mainly concerning public law contracts and economy and public law.


Competitive dialogue, Competitive procedure with negotiation, Innovation partnerships, Sustainable public procurement.

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François, L. (2022). Sustainability public Procurement using new procedures of the 2014 Directives. European Journal of Public Procurement Markets4(5), 81-86.