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A multicriteria model to evaluate tenders for green procurement of public works


  • Luís Valadares Tavares – [email protected]
    Full Professor and Coordinator of the Management Sciences Ph.D. Program of University Lusíada, Director of the Research Center on Organizations, Markets and Industrial Management (COMEGI) of the University Lusíada, Full Professor Emeritus of System and Management, University of Lisbon, IST. He is also the President of OPET (Observatory of Technology Foresight), the President of APMEP (Portuguese Association of Public Markets), Chairman of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Public Procurement Markets, Scientific Advisor of VORTAL and Ombudsman of the Portuguese Electric Utility EDP.
  • José Antunes Ferreira – [email protected]
    José Antunes Ferreira is a retired associate professor with habilitation at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). He teaches at IST since 1976 courses in the fields of Operational Research, Project Management, Spatial and Urban planning. His main research topics have been in the field of public procurement, urban management, risk management on plans and projects and urban and public management and evaluation models. He has coordinated a wide range of projects and studies on public procurement, project management and urban planning. He is also author of several research papers published by several international journals (International Journal of Project Management, Land Use Policy, Town Planning Review, Landscape and Urban Planning) and is a consultant in the area of Spatial Planning and Project Management for National and International Organizations.
  • Alexandre Ricardo – [email protected]
    Alexandre Ricardo is a research fellow at Centro de Investigação em Organizações, Mercados e Gestão Industrial (COMEGI), and a Ph.D. candidate at Instituto Superior Técnico, funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT). His main research areas are multicriteria decision analysis, decision supports systems and value-based health care. He is also an associate Professor of Management at Instituto Superior Técnico.


Public procurement is quite an important activity in the European Union as it corresponds to more than 13% of the GNP in the EU (2017), and public works account for more than €500 000 M, which is about 25% of the total public procured value. The construction sector is responsible for about 38% of energy-related carbon emissions and 50% of resource consumption. Therefore, procurement of public works (PPW) should be considered a strategic instrument to pursue sustainable policies, but, quite often, the award criterion does not consider the sustainability objectives. The authors present in this paper a new multicriteria model to evaluate tenders to award design or design and build contracts for public works, respecting the principles of public procurement expressed by the European Directives of 2014 and pursuing the sustainability objectives according to the so-called Green Procurement. This model can be easily applied as it is confirmed by its application to the study of the procurement of a new public hospital in Portugal.


Award criterion, Green Procurement, Multicriteria model, Public Works.


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Tavares, L. V., Ferreira, J. A. & Ricardo,  A. (2022). A multicriteria model to evaluate tenders for Green Procurement of Public Works. European Journal of Public Procurement Markets, 4(2), 23-50.