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Proposal for optimal governance model of central procurement in Slovakia


  • Jozef Kubinec – [email protected]
    Jozef Kubinec is a Head of the Works and ICT Procurement Department at the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak republic. He is an experienced strategic public procurement officer, public buyer and procurement lawyer with a demonstrated history of working in government administration. Jozef is actively working on implementing public procurement of innovation, professionalisation and centralisation of public procurement. He is participating in the H2020 project iProcureNet as a leader of the WP4 ‘Establishing procurement pathways’ and the IPNC for the Slovak Republic. He graduated from the University of Palacky (law) and Tor Vergata in Rome.


When the government or a municipality wants to establish a central procurement body (CPB), it must consider several aspects and issues. These factors will significantly influence how CPB performs its duties and stakeholders perceive its success. This case study will present different models of a central purchasing body’s organizational and operational structure; then, the steps that the newly created CPB at the Prime minister’s office in Slovakia should consider to achieve the positive effect of central procurement. Finally, an optimal solution and governance model are proposed to overcome fragmentation and promote cooperation among the CPBs in Slovakia.


Central procurement, Central purchasing body, Cooperation of CPBs, Governance models.

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Kubinec, J. (2022). Proposal for Optimal governance model of Central Procurement in Slovakia. European Journal of Public Procurement Markets4(7), 107-118.